a software system for mapping data to music

Any data

designed specifically to map spectroscopy data, Sonify can be used with any two-point data


Sonify is an open-source project developed by Matt Pi , and V.J. Manzo .


What is Sonify?

Sonify is a system for converting abstract data points into music by plotting the data to a musical scale and then describing what's going on in the data to further refine the composition. It has several unique features:

  • Diatonic melodic mapping
  • Intelligent harmonization
  • Musical ideas are altered based on expert knowledge of the data being observed
  • Expandable composition algorithms

  • Open-source
  • Visualization and audiation of abstract data
  • Streamlined view
  • Allows experts without musical knowledge to make musical sense of non-musical data
Download Sonify for Mac and Windows
Read about how Sonify was developed here

Features and Operation of Sonify